At Somnio Marketing we believe in beautiful web design and incredible content. Why?

Because without it, you’re losing money!

Let's get started!

Figuring out what you should do on social media and the web is overwhelming for most small and medium-sized businesses. Do you join Instagram? Is a mobile site important? How in the hell is this suppose to help your business grow?

Somnio Marketing is here to help you. Our focus on small businesses is intentional. There are plenty of agencies out there with a huge staff to build giant, complex websites. That’s not what we do. We’re here to help small businesses figure out exactly what their web presence should be at a price that is affordable.

Odds are you don’t need a complex site built from scratch. We’ll show you how you can still have something unique, with a tool you can use to update text, at an affordable price!

What are we going to do?

First, we’re going to take a look at your business. What do you need? Better Google rankings? Listed inventory? A gorgeous site to showcase your services?

Next, we’re going to recommend how your website should be built and what other services you should be using! Whether that is social media, Google Business Listings or just plain great SEO. We’ll work with you to build an online presence that is going to take your business to the next level.

How are we going to do it all?

Step number one is to evaluate your business and your needs as an owner. If you’re adept at the web, we may recommend a WordPress site built upon a theme that you can update on your own and keeps cost low. Perhaps you want a custom built site, so you stand out even more and we’ll handle the updates for you.

Next, we’re going to link that website. Yelp, Google, Social Media- the places we link we’ll depend on what type of work you do, but it will help you show up when people search for your type of business.

Is social media vital for business?

Yes, and it is getting more critical every day. Your competitors are using it and so are your customers. Maybe you’ve started using it, but can’t dedicate much time to it or perhaps you haven’t even begun.

We can help you. How? Well, our level of participation can vary depending on how you would like to run your business. Perhaps you’d like us to set-up your profiles and provide a content calendar with appropriate hashtags, important dates for your industry and holiday reminders for your customers. Want to be even more hands off? We’ll handle the calendar and write all the posts for you, but you can post them and interact with your customers on a daily basis. Finally, we can handle it all! Calendar. Posts. Replies. We’ll keep your customers engaged in a tone that fits your business.


Why spend the money?

To be honest, it depends on your business. The majority of consumers are looking for you on the Internet, though so if you don’t have a presence, then you are missing out on revenue.

For example, you are a local transmission shop. Most of your customers are going to enter transmission repair into Google. It’s almost a guarantee your competitors are going to show up- so if you don’t, you’re losing customers even when you aren’t open.

Our Latest Projects

Our most recent projects have varied significantly, but they have one thing in common- they are all WordPress websites. The Kelly Reid Sign Group we wrote, designed and launched the entire page from start to finish. Community Veterinary Center we just provided a website, the photos and the pages- they wrote the copy. Two different price points and solutions for two very different clients.