Employee and Customer Communications

Quit wasting everybody's time with questions like, "Has my order shipped yet?"

Automate workflows.
Improve communication. Measure results.

     We often hear from our customers that they have tried marketing- they’ve done email marketing and social media ads or their website just doesn’t convert. And you know what? Their ads may have been great, but they didn’t have any landing pages.  Or perhaps their ads got people to buy, but once the purchase was made, they didn’t feel supported so they left bad reviews.

    By implementing a marketing communications system, you can ensure your customer feels connected to your company throughout the sales process.


Okay, but what does that actually mean for a business like yours?

Automated communications means everybody has the information they need without any additional busy work. It means your company operates at peak efficiency. Your customers are happier. Your employees are less overwhelmed. And your bottom line is more profitable.

Below is one example of a system we built for a manufacturing company. This comprehensive communication plan was built with a marketing automation platform and synced with their CRM. Meaning, we built them a system that looked like this:

After implementing the system, customer satisfaction nearly tripled!

It's not only less expensive to retain happy customers, but:

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