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Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

Inexpensive. Effective. Fast to deploy.

     If your business does just one thing really well, it should be email! It’s so much more than just marketing. Email can be the fastest, most effective, and personal form of communication you have with your customers, prospects, and employees.

     When used judiciously, email can help you increase sales. Improve employee relations. And increase customer loyalty. Not sure how? Here are a couple of our most recent examples.

Communicating the action plan during a time of crisis.

    The companies that quickly communicated their plans during a time of crisis are the most successful. But, it can’t just be off the cuff, you need to be empathetic, clear, and fast.

    For example, we worked with a manufacturer smack dab in the middle of the hurricane zone. When it became clear a hurricane was headed their direction, we reached out to find out their plans so we could work the message into all their marketing platforms. It turns out, they didn’t have one. So, we quickly built email campaigns for their customers and employees.

    We wrote emails telling each audience of the manufacturer’s preparations, what we were doing to mitigate any impact on their customers, and that we’d be in touch along the way. Then we wrote emails if the hurricane hit so they had to shut down and if it didn’t. That preparation meant we could deploy the emails at a moment’s notice.

Growing customer loyalty.

    When it comes to customers, the more you help them, the more they will love you. And the more they love you, the more they will spend at your business! So, how do you use email to grow customer loyalty and revenue? Well, it depends on your business.

    For a local equipment dealer, we used email in many forms, but to increase customer loyalty, we took the guesswork out of maintaining their equipment. We emailed them when it was time to service their equipment. If they had tracks, we emailed them when it was time to replace the tracks. And when winter came around, we sent out emails about labor discounts so they could get their equipment ready for the busy season.

    The dealer’s customers felt like we were anticipating their needs and assisting them without requiring any additional labor from the sales team!

Give your sales staff more time for new sales.

    Once you’ve completed a sale, how much time does your sales team spend updating their customers and answering the same questions? How many more sales could they make if you handled those questions BEFORE the customer asked them?

     For one of our customers, those questions were things like “when is my product shipping” and “how do I calibrate my product?” So, we built a series of emails. The first congratulated the customer on their purchase, gave them an anticipated shipping date, and let them know we’d send the tracking information. The second email provided the tracking information. A third email sent right before the delivery, provided a link to written and video instructions they’d need. And a few days after delivery, an email asking how things were going and providing more resources was sent.

     Not only did it free up their sales staff and they saw an increase in sales appointments, but it greatly improved customer satisfaction. That is what we call a win-win!

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