Marketing Automation

Sounds confusing, but it will improve your sales processes and customer satisfaction!

Automate workflows. Improve communication. Measure results.

     We often hear from our customers that they have tried marketing- they’ve done email marketing and social media ads or their website just doesn’t convert. And you know what? Their ads may have been great, but they didn’t have any landing pages.  Or perhaps their ads got people to buy, but once the purchase was made, they didn’t feel supported so they left bad reviews.

    By implementing a marketing automation system, you can ensure your customer feels connected to your company throughout the sales process.


What could marketing automation look like for your business?

Below is an example we built for a manufacturing company, we built a comprehensive communication plan through marketing automation. What does that even mean? Well, we built them a system that looked like this:

Marketing Efforts
Website, Advertising, Trade Shows, Social Media

Custom Landing Page

Form Submitted

Nurtured through emails and retargeting ads

Pushed to CRM

Lead Enters CRM

Assign to Sales

Sale Closed

Order Processing Email Sent

Shipment Notification

Instructional Emails Sent

Customer Satisfaction Survey Sent

After we implemented this system, not only did their customer satisfaction nearly triple, BUT their sales staff daily sales calls increased as they were no longer dealing with calls like “Do you know if my product has shipped yet?”

So, they ended up with more repeat customers, more revenue and higher staff retention WITHOUT spending more on advertising. How could that help your business grow?

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