Social Media

Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Waze. LinkedIn. Pinterest. Tik Tok. YouTube. What in the world should you be posting on? Should you be advertising? Well, honestly, it depends on who you are trying to sell to. We’ll help you define your target audience and then determine exactly which social media platforms they are on and whether you should leverage them to grow your business.


Once we determine your social networks, it’s time to come up with a plan!


  • What kind of content will you be posting? How often should you be posting?
  • Should you be doing any advertising? On all the platforms or just some?
  • How will you monitor comments and reviews?

At Somnio, we aren’t just going to help you post content each day. We’re going to make sure that we’re helping you meet your business goals THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA. So, we’ll set up an overarching social media plan that reflects your brand and your goals.