With so many options for your website, it can be nearly impossible to make a decision- that’s probably why only 50% of small businesses have a website. While 70-80% of customers say they do significant internet research before making a purchase or visiting a physical store.

      So, you know you need a website? You could go with one of those online builders or a cheap site built by a company where you advertise your inventory, but those require daily maintenance conducted by you. Plus, what happens when they go out of business?

     When you get a website from Somnio Marketing you get:

  • A WordPress website that you OWN.
  • Integration with your inventory from your business management or CRM software.*
  • Your inventory transferred to Facebook Marketplace automatically.
  • Integration with your advertising platforms.*
  • Monthly analytics reports showing how your website is doing.

      We won’t build you a website with the sole intention of locking you into a contract like so many companies. We’re building you a sales system that works for your business!

*This is entirely dependent on your current systems and advertising as some companies will not participate in they have competing offers.